The Enhanced Rider Scheme

The Enhanced Rider Scheme

The Enhanced Rider SchemeHOLD A FULL LICENCE?

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is the DVSAs assessment and training course, Its aimed at full licence holders who wish to hone their skills after passing the basic test and also for riders returning to motorcycling after a lay off.

A certificate is issued to a rider that has demonstrated the necessary good skill levels. This assessment is best taken on your own bike to which your well accustomed, however it would be is possible to hire one of our 650cc bikes.

Motorbike TrainingHOW IT WORKS

To begin with an initial 2 hour assessment is carried out, some riders will be able to pass without any need for further training or guidance.

A report and certificate will issued which could help you to reduce your insurance costs if your company is affiliated to the scheme. Should there be any areas that need working on, these will be highlighted in the post ride debrief and a recommendation for further training will be made prior to a re-assessment at a later date.

CBT Courses in High Wycombe and West London

Become An Instructor

We are always interested to hear from interested persons whether qualified or not as we can provide in house training scheme for persons wanting to work for us.

We don't always have vacancies but call us to check.

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Enhanced Rider Scheme

Training Centres

  • Northolt, Middx,UB5 6RD
  • Sudbury Hill, Middx, UB6 0HX
  • Lane End, Bucks HP14 3JU
  • (0208)) 841 5506