Covid-19 Update

Coronavirus COVID-19 and our training 

For your safety during the COVID - 19 outbreak we have reduced our class sizes to 2 students to 1 Instructor basis for renewal CBTs and 3 students to 1 instructor for 1st time/beginner/rusty rider CBts , if you wish to do a 1:1 CBT this may be possible for an additional charge please call our office.

We offer 2 types of CBT

CBT RENEWALS ie.renewing a CBT

This course is designed to be completed in about 4 hours, it is is only suitable if you are renewing your CBT, or have taken one in the past 3 years and have plenty of previous proven UK riding experience. You must use the same type of machine (automatic or geared) as you used on your previous CBT.

Under no circumstances would this  course suit  persons who have not taken a CBT before regardless of their riding experience. Not suitable if your last CBT was on an automatic and you want a manual CBT this time.


This course is for persons that haven't taken a CBT before, also for beginners or persons that have not ridden for some time or perhaps not ridden on U.K roads before. Also  for persons that have experience of autos but want to take CBT on a manual bike. 

Both the experienced or the beginners CBT courses can be taken on a 1:1 basis if you prefer please call to enquire or book.

Due to social distancing guidelines we have had to reduce our class sizes for your safety. Regrettably, this has affected our course prices which are slightly higher than normal, we are not profiteering we have to pay our instructor and cover our operational costs.

We can NOT provide Jacket or Gloves during this outbreak you must bring your own..

Bring your own helmet or If you are using ours please bring some antibacterial wipes to clean chin guard and a head covering to minimise risks.

Bring in a pair of surgical gloves and antibacterial hand wash and face coverings you may need to protect yourself.

Training will take place outdoors, keep your 2 metre distance from your Instructor.

We feel the above steps will help mitigate against the likelihood of contracting Coronavirus on a training course.

Become an Instructor

We are always interested to hear from interested persons.

Whether qualified or not as we can provide in house training scheme for persons wanting to work for Passmasters Rider Training.

Call us to check availability.

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