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Age Requirements:- “A2” 19years and over or “A” 24 years and over or 21 years if you have held an “A2” licence for 2 years

So you’ve passed your CBT and your theory and it’s now time to consider a full licence. The most popular licence of all is the “A” DAS route for those over 24 years of age, this will give you a completely unrestricted licence without the need to take the lower category licences first.

The most popular training route on any bike licence are our intensive training courses. Here we line up the Mod 1 & 2 tests for you and start a set number of days before these appointments.

These intensives can be taken on consecutive days or split up over a few weeks or weekends to suit, but we would suggest not to disjoint it too much.

You will need time on weekdays to take your M1 & M2 tests as DVSA seldom conduct these tests at weekends. The pass rates on our courses are high and we’ve had many thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

Our course prices are fully transparent and include, training, machine hire, fully comp insurance, CDW with no accidental damage excess, basic eqpt. Loan, one mod 1 & 2 test fee, fuel, punctures, & VAT. Note: – CBT (take this with us first) & theory not Inc.

We are lucky to be based 15 mins from the DVSAs Uxbridge test centre so we will focus training around that area so you get familiar with the test area.



This course comprises of 5 days of training followed by two short ½ days for your two test appointments. The course usaully starts with CBT if not completed and builds on from CBT and continues each day with off and on road tuition in a small streamed group. On our longer courses you will start off on a 125cc machine and upgrade to a bigger bike when you are sufficiently skilled. Your confidence and abilities should increase as the course progresses and towards the end of the course we will prepare you for your pre booked test appointments.

During your course you will have practiced all aspects of the test Inc. Mod 1 & 2, were possible we will book some time on the DVSAs Uxbridge pad for you to practice Mod 1 (sats only) we will also take in some Uxbridge Mod 2 test routes. Your first ½ day and mod 1 test usually happens the day after you have completed your training. Once you have passed Mod 1 we will book your second and final 1/2 day and Mod 2 test.

If you prefer we can pre book your Mod 2 test sometimes even on the same day as Mod 1, but be aware that you cannot take it without a successful mod 1 pass and if there is insufficient time to cancel the appointment you would forfeit the mod 2 test fee. No need for you to book your own tests we have a pre booked allocation.



These shorter courses are designed for persons with more experience, usally you would needed to have completed CBT. These courses  and offer all the features of our 6 day course in a much shorter time. For suitably experienced riders we may be starting training straight on the bigger bikes.

The length of the course will be determined by your experience and riding abilities. Of course if you have a CBT or prior experience you’re not going to take 6 days to get a licence (we hope) so this is why we would need to assess you prior to booking.



Designed for customers that cannot commit to a intensive course or perhaps have learnt with another company and want to give us a try for extra tuition or those needing a retest appointment!, This training can cover mod 1or 2 depending on your needs, Training is usually in a small streamed group, taking you beyond the CBT level, towards the motorcycle test standard. If you’re coming to us for a retest bring along your last DVSA test report so we can see why you didn’t pass and we can work on these items during your lesson. These sessions normally run 9am-12 noon or 1pm-4pm or are tailored to a test appointment. . For pricing see our motorcycle and Instructor hire charges section, remember that any Mod1 or Mod 2 test fees would be extra and you would usually need to book these tests yourself.



To determine the most suitable course duration for your skill level, were practical we will need you to attend a free 1/2 hour assessment. If this is not possible we shall assume the longer course durations would apply and where practical modify the duration and cost once you have completed your first day.



We can provide 1:1 personal tuition on our full licence training courses. The supplement for this service would be the course fee + 70%.


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