Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Booking a CBT course

 You can book your CBT on line or  if you prefer call our office 0208 841 5506 9am - 5.00pm Mon - Fri 

For any other type of booking you will need to call our office to check availability and to make a booking.

Methods of payment:- Acceptable methods of payment are cash or debit cards. We also accept Credit cards and American Express charge cards and corporate cards.. Please note that we no longer accept cheque payments.


Full payment will be required when making a booking

You may amend your CBT  course date or cancel the booking completely any time up to 3 clear days before your course, this date is shown on your confirmation. If you cancel completely without a re booking, you would receive a refund less a 10% administration fee this may take a day or so to reach back to your account. Alternatively, if your not ready to confirm a new date we could hold your full fee in credit for a booking for another date without incurring any charges. After this date has passed the course is fixed  and is non changeable under any circumstances  and you would lose the course fee  if you do not attend, amend the date or cancel the booking. If you have booked late  ie. less than 3 clear days before the course the above date does not apply and  the booking is non changeable or refundable.

Once a booking has been made or a course has started no refund of deposits or fees will be given if you cancel, fail to attend or complete your course for any reason or circumstance


You do not attend on time and miss the start of the CBT  course,

You cannot present a valid original U.K (or Euro with D91)  licence

You are unable to read a vehicle registration plate from 20.5 meters.

You have little or no understanding of a UK highway code

You are not appropriately dressed to partake in CBT training. (see clothing below)

You are not medically fit to ride a powered 2 wheeler.

You cannot communicate in English and have not brought an interpreter along.

You do not have the balance to ride a push bike.

You are unable to place both feet on the ground when sitting on a scooter/motorcycle.


We regret in these situations you would not be able to join the session and would lose your course fee, and would therefore need to pay again in full should you wish to rebook in the future.


CBT Lateness and failure to attend :-. You are required to attend on time so please allow sufficient time for your journey to get to us. In particular CBT group session courses are regulated by legislation, they have a pre-set modular syllabus therefore they cannot be delayed or postponed for an individual. Late attendance can lead to you missing your training session and your fees being forfeit. We cannot offer refunds or compensation for missed training sessions or tests.

CBT course level cancellation:- We base our CBT courses on having the min. of 2 students booked on the course. If bookings do not achieve this min level , or bookings drop beneath this min. level we will need to reschedule your course to the nearest alternative date. If an agreeable alternative date cannot be found you would be entitled to a refund of the fee paid. 

CBT continuation fee:- Once a course has started If you need to continue your course on another day/part day for whatever reason an additional £90 fee per day/part day would apply. This is subject to that the continuation is taken no more than 30 days after the original course date, otherwise after the 30 day period the full CBT price would apply. This offer is not applicable on personal instruction CBTs where in this situation the full fee  would be payable again for each extra day or part day.

Novice riders:- If you have zero experience particularly if taking a geared CBT we would strongly recommend that were possible at least 5 days before your course you attend a free 1/2 hour taster session.. This will enable us  get you up and running so your not struggling with control on the day.. If you cannot make a taster we will do our best to teach and assess you on the day, however please bear in mind that occasionally some people have great difficulty and it may become  necessary to continue training on another day or days where a continuation fee of £60 per day would apply.  

 Weather conditions:-In the event of adverse weather conditions such as Ice, Snow, Fog, High winds, flooding etc. we may not be able to run your CBT course or  be able to  complete all elements of your course.  In these events you would be offered a free reschedule of your CBT appointment or for the elements not taken if the course was  started but curtailed due to the weather.

On the day, We would ask you if safe to do so to check in as arranged for your course and seek advice from our instructor. If it is not safe to journey to us please call us first to seek advice first. We will where possible either send a text  or email if we know in advance for certain that a course is being cancelled.

FULL Licence Courses:-

You will to call us to  book your full licence course as theese courses cannot be booked on line or by email. Call our office 07950 481482 9am - 5.00pm 

Deposits and balances :- A deposit (part payment) of £200 min will be required at time of booking with the balance becoming due at the latest on arrival on the 1st day of your course.

You may amend your full licence course date or cancel the booking completely any time up to 14 clear days before your course.. If you cancel completely without a re booking, you would receive a refund less a  £50 administration fee. Alternatively, if your not ready to confirm a new date we could hold your full fee in credit for a booking for another date without incurring any charges. After this date has passed the course is fixed  and is non changeable under any circumstances  and you would lose the course fee  if you do not attend, amend the date or cancel the booking. If you have booked late  ie. less than 14 clear days before the course the above date does not apply and  the booking is non changeable or refundable.  additionally If we have booked on your behalf either a mod1 or mod 2 test  and the DVSA cancellation date has passed you would be liable for these fees as well. Please note that the DSA will not under any circumstance refund your Mod 1 or Mod 2 test fees.

Once a booking has been made or a course has started no refund of deposits or fees will be given if you cancel, fail to attend or complete your course for any reason or circumstance

Assessment:- Before booking or starting a full licence course where practical we would  like you to attend a short free assment so we can check your suitability to full licence training and to advise of the correct duration of our courses. Please note that by booking a course that is either too long or short can be counter productive. Call us to book this free appointment

DVSA TESTS Mod 1 & Mod 2  As part of your full licence course we will book your Modules 1 & 2 test appointments on your behalf. THESE ARE YOUR TESTS !  Please be aware that if we are unable to train you due to lost training days due to your non attendance for part of your course or due to adverse weather conditions and there is insufficient time ( 5 working days)  to cancel these tests you would be liable for cost of these tests.   Additionally If you have asked us to book a Mod 2 test and you were unable to take or failed a mod 1 test or the test is not conducted by the DVSA due to the weather or you forget to take your documents or for any other reason you will not be able take a MOD 2 Test. In this situation you would need to pay for another Mod 1 fee and bike hire and additionally you would loose the Mod 2 test fee if less than 5 days notice is given. It is for this reason we suggest that you leave at least a week between mod 1 and 2 tests. Current DVSA charges are  Mod1 £15.50 & Mod2 £75 (march 2020)

Lateness and failure to attend :- You must attend all the pre scheduled days of training in full. You are required to attend on time so please allow sufficient time for your journey to get to us. Late attendance can lead to you missing your training session and your fees being forfeit. We cannot offer refunds or compensation for missed training sessions or tests. Our full licence courses are sold as a package and we can not offer refunds for part elements/tests not attended.


Documents and check-in and general matters

Course timings:- Our courses usually start at 8.45am and finish at approx 3.30pm, bring any food or drink you may require, there is usually a lunch break which could be up to 2 hours on CBTs. After the CBT has been gained on full licence courses some times a lunch time visit to a café is made instead of return to base so bring some cash with you. Please check with your instructor! There maybe a variation of times on Mod 1 or Mod 2 test days

Licence:- Legally you must bring a valid UK Photocard licence or an old style u.k paper licence with a valid passport as I.D to partake in CBTs, training and DVSA tests. . If you have an EU licence you must bring your EU licence plus a D91 authorisation letter from the DVLA. All documents must be original, photo copies are not permitted. International licences are not permitted. If you fail to bring the correct documents with you we will not be able to train you and you  would not be able to take any kind of training or  DVSA mod 1 or Mod 2 tests would therefore  forfeit your course and test fees.

Full licence courses:- In addition to your Photo card licence (or old style licence & passport).Once you have gained your CBT,Theory and Mod 1 certs, they must be presented daily to us on check in and carried with you at all times especially on test days! We will not be responsible if you forget to take your documents along for DSA tests and further test fees and bike hire charges would would apply for a rebooking.

Own Bike You may use your own bike for CBT training please ensure that its legal, is taxed and has L-plates fitted. We will need to see your insurance and Mot certificates. Remember that it would be an offence to ride on the public road to us if you do not have a current CBT so you will need to arrange a collection/delivery at your expense. If you fail to bring your documents or your machine is not roadworthy  for an additional fee it maybe possible to hire one of our vehicles on the day, if this is not possible you would forfeit your course fee. If you want to use your own big bike for A2 or DAS training please contact us to make arrangements,

Clothing:- Please dress for the time of year and the activity. You will need to provide and wear tough  trousers such as jeans and boots or walking boot style trainers and a pair of leather or textile gloves. We can provide a safety helmet, jacket , day-glow tabard, and water resistance leggings. If you are not dressed appropriatly you would be unable to join the course and would loose any fee paid.


We take our responsibility towards health and safety seriously.

For your safety you must wear gloves,  due to reasons of hygine we can no longer provide gloves so you must bring your own leather or textile items otherwise we will not be able to run your course..

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

You may wear your own equipment, if so helmets must meet ECE 22.05 or BS6658. Followers of the Sikh religion are not required by law to wear a helmet but bring googles to protect your eyes, however many of our Sikh customers choose to wear a head scarf /bandana under a helmet..If your taking a full test with the DVSA you will need to be wearing suitable clothing and footwear otherwise they will not conduct the test and you would loose the test fee.  Please check with us if your ensure.

Non/poor English speaking:- Training is conducted in the English language - To participate in training you will need a reasonable command of the English language, if this is not the case you must advise us and you will need to bring along a friend who is fluent to act as your interpreter. The interpreter will need to be with you for the full duration of the course and may need to ride pillion on the Instructors bike or follow in thier own car or bike during any road ride element. If its found that we cannot communicate with you correctly and you have not provided an interpreter this will compromise your safety. In this event we will not be able to train you and the course will be terminated and fees would be forfeit. In some situations this type of CBT may have to be booked as personal tuition at the higher rate always  contact us to discuss.

Highway Code:- It is essential that you read a Highway Code prior to CBT training. It is particularly import to understand the rules of the road especially if you are a provisional licence holder and/or someone who has recently arrived from a foreign country. You will need up to date knowledge of the code its rules, traffic signs and regulations. We maynot be able to take you on the road as part of your CBT course if it becomes clear that you have limted/no knowledge of the Highway code. Remember you will be riding on public roads as part of your training and will need to demonstrate to your instructor correct safe procedures. Failure to do so may cause the training to be stopped and would result in the loss of fees.. .

Balance/Height:- In order to participate in training you will need to have the balance to ride a bicycle and additionally you will need for your feet to be able to comfortably reach the ground when sitting on our machines.  For persons under 5' 1''  (scooters) 5' 3" (motorcycles)  this could be an issue so if your in doubt its best to arrange to visit us  to sit on a machine for size prior to making a booking. If its found that your balance/height would compromise your safety, we will not be able to train you the course will be stopped and your course fee would be forfeit

Machine loan

We have a range of 125cc, 500cc and 650 cc geared motorcycles and automatic 50cc, 110cc scooters for loan whilst training . On CBT courses we tend to use 50cc & 110 cc autos and 125cc geared motorcycle and scooters. Although we cannot make any guarantees please advise us if you have any particular machine requirements when booking , however on the day we may have to make a substitution if it becomes necessary. If you are taking a CBT on a geared machine without any previous experience we would strongly suggest you arrange to take a free  30 min taster session with us at least a week before your course.

Instructors, Group Size and Bikes:- Our instructors are fully qualified and registered with the DVSA, some are CBT only others are further qualified for A1,A2,DAS and ERS. We try to keep you with the same instructor & on the same bike during your course but this isn't always possible due to scheduling, maintenance, holidays and rest days. We are happy to accept a request for a particular bike or instructor but cannot make any guarantees especially if your course involves multiple visits. Unless you have booked personal tuition our courses are based on group tuition as follows- CBT 4:1 site & 2:1 road. A2,A, or ERS max 2. Geared conversion and A1 max 3. We try to match students with others of a similar ability but sometimes even with the best planning it is not possible.


Eyesight:- It is a legal requirement to be able to read a number plate from a minimum distance of 20.5 metres with or without glasses or contacts, which must be worn throughout your training.. You must ensure you can meet this standard, you will be given an eyesight test from this distance at the start of a CBT course and also at the DSAs test centre if your taking a full licence. If you fail to meet this legal standard we will not be able to join the CBT course and take your tests would loose your fee. If on a full licence test the DVSA would not test you therefore you would need to pay for another test and a bike/instructor hire to take you for another test.

Fitness:-If you have any medical condition including pregnancy, physical impairment or mental illness that may prevent you from safely participating in rider training you must bring this to the attention of Passmasters Rider Training prior to making a booking. You may be required to providing us with written evidence from a medical practitioner as to you suitability to train. Failure to disclose information to us could invalidate insurance cover and would result in the loss of any fees paid if we cannot train you. . If your instructor feels that a medical condition has not been disclosed which could compromise safety we may have to terminate training and you would loose any fees paid.


If you are training on one of our machines you will have fully comprehensive cover with no excess to be paid in the event of any accidental damage to the machine, property or our equipment. Any malicious or negligent damage would however be chargeable. All instruction, training and riding is completely at your own risk .In common with most training schools we do not provide personal accident or life insurance cover so we strongly recommend you obtain suitable cover.

Car parking and our office:- Car and bike parking is plentiful and free. Your car/bike and your property are left at our site and office your own risk and we will not be liable to and claims or losses. If parking at Davis Lloyd centre Sudbury Hill you will need to register your vehicle at Lloyds reception on arrival otherwise you will get a parking penenalty fine, we have no control over parking here and will not be liable for any fines. 

Conduct and behaviour

Passmasters reserves the right to terminate training and any further tuition at any time- should an instructor, member of staff or any third party be subject to violence, physical or verbal assault or threatening behaviour. Additionally if a customer shows an unsuitable or aggressive attitude, or is driving our vehicles dangerously or taking risks that could endanger themselves or others the training would also be terminated. In these events all fees would be forfeited.

Passmasters reserve the right to refuse training to any person or to transfer to a more suitable course should it become necessary.

Traffic offences: customers are liable for any parking tickets, traffic offences, prosecutions, points, and fines which they may commit/incur.

Drink and Drugs:- If your instructor suspects that you are under the influence of either Drink or Drugs the course will be terminated with no refund of fees





When you visit us we will:

Greet you in polite and friendly manner

Help you with access or language requirements as best we can

Provide you with advice and guidance to achieve your goals

Provide a motorcycle to meet your individual needs for CBT  (i.e. geared or automatic)

When you telephone we will:

Answer your call in a polite and professional manner

Answer your call as quickly as possible – our aim is to answer 50% of calls within 10 rings

Respond to all messages left on voice mail or answer phones within 1 working day

When you write to us or email us we will:

Acknowledge your letter or email within 3 working days

Explain why it will take longer, if we cannot reply in full within 10 working days

Reply to you in plain, jargon free English



To treat you with courtesy and respect

To provide training services that meet your needs

To be honest and open, take responsibility for your training and ensure you get the right advice and information

To ensure all communication with us is clear and helpful

To use your feedback to help us improve our training services in the future



Please treat our staff and premises with respect and consideration

Please give us all the information we need to deal with your enquiry

Please give us honest and constructive feedback so that we can improve our services in the future

Please tell us if you have particular access or language needs


We recognise on occasions we may get it wrong or not do something that you think should have been done


Try to put things right straight away

Give you an explanation as to what happened

Agree a solution with you, where we can

Use what we learn from our mistakes to help improve our services for the future



We will keep a hard copy of your CBT certificate and your personal details on our booking system (take a byte) for 2 years after completing your course. This is done in case you need a duplicate copy or a expiry reminder, after this period the copy and your personal details will be deleted and destroyed.

We do not store credit card details, online payments are handled by First Data and telephone orders and face to face transaction are handled by First Data or World Pay. We do not sell, distribute or lease your personal details with third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law**

** We need to share your information and driver licence details with the DVSA and DVLA in order to carry out CBT functions such as filling out your certificates and booking your mod 1 and mod 2 bike tests. 


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